Two monkeys captured after hundreds of puppy deaths in Indian village

Two monkeys were captured by the Indian state forest department of Maharashtra for allegedly killing puppies in what villagers described as an “act of revenge.”

Residents of Lavool Village in Beed District, state say monkeys have killed puppies by carrying them on trees or rooftops and letting them die.

Residents claimed the incidents were in retaliation after some dogs mutilated a baby monkey to death. There is no evidence to support these claims, although images on social media have shown monkeys carrying puppies.

Following reports of the puppies’ deaths, forestry authorities in Beed District captured two monkeys on Sunday. They will then be released into a forest.

“Two monkeys involved in the killing of numerous puppies were captured by a team from the Nagpur Forest Department in Beed,” Beed forest officer Sachin Kand told ANI news agency.

According to locals, more than 250 puppies have been killed by monkeys in the past three months since the “cycle of revenge” began.

“Such incidents have happened in the past three months. These two monkeys come to our village. They take the puppies with them on the roofs of houses or any other high place, ”said resident Radhakishan Sonawane. PTI News Agency.

“At such a height, these puppies are not given food or water. Therefore, they died naturally many times. But sometimes they fell from a height and died. More than 200 puppies have lost their lives in our village, ”he added.

Panicked villagers say they contacted authorities for help after the monkeys started attacking children, but authorities have not captured the animals so far.

The village of Lavool, which has 5,000 inhabitants, would no longer have puppies at present.

Christina A. Kroll