thiruvananthapuram: a celebration of art forms at the indian village festival | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: The rhythmic sound of the damphu, a musical instrument, which accompanies the dance moves performed by Sikkim artists showcasing their rich heritage, is a major attraction of the ongoing Kerala tour of the Indian Village Festival organized by the government of Kerala. in association with the Bharat Bhavan South Zone cultural center.
The festival is held in every district to introduce the rich art forms and culture of India to the people of Kerala.
According to the ethnic community of Sikkim, this dance form named ‘Tamang Selo Dance’ will bring happiness to viewers. Besides this dance form, the festival features sixteen unique art forms performed by approximately 130 artists. The festival which started Monday in Kollam will end on May 15 in Thiruvananthapuram.
Various art forms from the states including Assam, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim and Maharashtra will be showcased in two phases during the festival.
The first performance was held at Asramam’s ground, Kollam.
Rauf dance from Jammu and Kashmir, Lavani from Maharashtra, Phag from Haryana, Biju from Assam, Kalbella from Rajasthan, Rathwa from Gujarat and Bhangra from Punjab are the other major attractions of the festival . The Minister of Culture, Saji Cherian will pay tribute to the artists on April 30 in Mavelikkara.

Christina A. Kroll