Purplebricks pull property after seller makes ‘appalling’ remark about Indian house hunters

A real estate agent has removed a property listing from its website after the seller made an “appalling” remark to a potential buyer. The owner said members of the Indian and Asian communities were “wasting their time” and just wanted “a day”.

Located in the Great Barr area of ​​Birmingham, the Hillcrest Avenue home was originally advertised on Purplebricks but has since been removed from the listing because the rating “goes against the views and values ​​of the business”. In the cancellation note, which was sent on March 12, the “owner told the potential buyer that he does not accept visits from the Indian/Asian community” before accusing the group of “losing his time”.

It read: “I am no longer taking visits from the Indian/Asian community who are not serious buyers, but just looking at properties for sale…like a day. There are many other properties you can lose money on time to people, so I suggest you go see one of them.”

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Purplebricks said once they saw the comment, they told the seller they would not be selling their home. It is understood that the online rental agent also refunded the seller’s initial listing fee, reports BirminghamLive.

A company spokesperson said: “The sentiments expressed in this post are completely opposed to the views and values ​​of Purplebricks. As soon as we saw this comment, we told the seller that we would not sell his house and refunded his costs. house is no longer on the market with Purplebricks.

“We have also reached out to the buyer to express how appalled we are by this post and apologize that they had this experience.”

A journalist from BirminghamLive visited the house in order to make contact with the owner. But a woman, who did not want to be named, answered the door and said she did not know the seller or the person who owned it.

The remarks were initially shared on social media site, Next Door, angering users, with one saying the comment was ‘so disgusting and unnecessary’ while another called the remark ‘absolutely ridiculous’ .

Christina A. Kroll