NY State Fair – Indian Village Veterans Memorial Ceremony

The New York State Fair will be fully operational in 2022. Alma Ransom has been informed by Indian Village Chairman Norm Jamison that the Six Nations Agricultural Society will have its full schedule. Indian Day will take place on Friday, September 2 and will include the Veterans Memorial Program.

Ms. Ransom will be in Syracuse Sept. 1-2 to work with the Turtle Mound Indian Village. The Indian Day commemorative ceremony will take place at 1 p.m. on Friday, September 2.

To date, Ms. Ransom has 23 (twenty-three) names of veterans who have died since September 2020.

If you know of any veterans who have died since September 2020, please contact Ms. Ransom to let her know their service, where and when they served, and if any surviving family will be attending the ceremony.

A Veterans Affairs representative from Albany will be there to gather information on any veterans who served in Vietnam who are/have been affected by “burning pits”.

Ms Ransom said: “Albert Tarbell was one of the most decorated veterans of all time. And yet he died without the proper services recognizing his military honors. Years ago my husband Orlo said it was a shame we have to honor our veterans. And so every year I make Orlo’s wishes come true. In the past, the Indian Day Memorial Ceremony has included the American Legion and Sons of the Legion post the colors at the Indian Village Turtle Mound. Again we ask them for the honor. We have over 23 names we will honor. If you have any more information regarding our veterans, please contact me on 386 -576-7412.

Christina A. Kroll