Indian Hotel Room Aggregator OYO Announces Free Stay After 5 Nights | India is blooming

New Delhi: Hotel technology platform OYO has announced that its guests will be entitled to a free stay after every 5-night stay as part of an initiative to boost travel in post-pandemic India.

The free night offer will be available to Gold members of its loyalty program called Wizard. Designed for frequent travelers to India, Wizard will also offer up to 10% off OYO’s Wizard Hotels across India, and more.

With over 9.2 million members, OYO Wizard is one of the largest loyalty programs run by leading travel or dining brands in India and the largest in the budget category segment in India. Designed to help travelers, the travel tech company’s loyalty program aims to reward repeat OYO customers. In India, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad are the main markets for OYO’s loyalty program subscribers.

Speaking at the launch of the revamped loyalty program, OYO Wizard, Shreerang Godbole, SVP – Product & Chief Service Officer – OYO said, “OYO is for value-conscious customers, whether families , friends, small businesses or even employees of large corporations, our incentives such as free nights and discounted stays give them another compelling reason to choose to stay at OYO again and again.

“Our share of nights booked by repeat customers in India was over 70% in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. We believe our enhanced loyalty offerings will be very popular with this large customer base.”

OYO offers customers a host of features aimed at facilitating and improving their booking experience, such as the 3-step booking process on the OYO app, location-based storefront browsing, among others. OYO’s zero cancellation fee policies are also designed to provide the best customer experience for today’s advanced travelers, it said in a press release.

The company said this summer, OYO witnessed two record bookings for the festive weekend in April 2022. During Good Friday and Vishu week, OYO saw 8 lakh bookings, the highest ever. in 2022, surpassing the New Year, which is usually a popular holiday. , it said. Moreover, according to OYO’s 2022 Summer Vacation Index, 1 in 2 Indian travelers intended to go on their first trip since 2020 and approx. 94.8% of respondents want to travel within the country.

With this steady increase in travel in mind, Wizard customers stand to benefit from OYO’s loyalty program, he said.

Frequent flyers can become a Wizard Member by downloading the OYO app.

Christina A. Kroll