Indian hotel manager commits suicide in the line of duty

Ajay climbed on the roof and jumped.

A police case has been filed after an Indian hotel manager killed himself while on duty.

The tragic incident happened at Ashirwad Hotel in Ropar, Punjab.

It was revealed that the hotel manager climbed onto the roof, about 55 feet high, and jumped. He died instantly when his body hit the electrical wires as he fell.

Police were notified of the incident on July 8, 2020. They identified the deceased as 38-year-old Ajay Kumar.

Although it is not known why he took his own life, the hotel owner said he had been troubled for some time.

Ajay was originally from Himachal Pradesh but lived in Punjab. During the confinement, he stayed in his birthplace but returned to work when the hotel reopened.

His first day back at work was July 7. However, the next day at around 10:30 a.m., Ajay climbed onto the roof and jumped.

The police were notified and they arrived at the scene. They saw that the electrical wires had been damaged and immediately concluded that Ajay had jumped.

Officers noticed he had a pen in his hand, indicating he had written something down before he died.

They registered a case of suicide and opened an investigation.

SHO Harkirat Singh explained that they had sent the body to the government hospital morgue and started an investigation.

They spoke to the hotel owner who said the Indian hotel manager suffered from mental health issues.

He revealed that he abruptly quit his job and returned home in May 2020.

Police found that before his death, Ajay had asked the chief to do paratha, supposedly as a distraction so he could go to the roof.

Officers spoke to his brother Pawan Kumar who said he was informed of his brother’s death by the hotel owner.

He said Ajay was married and had two children. Pawan said there was no indication he would take such an extreme step and that he appeared to be fine when he returned from work on Tuesday.

However, he said his brother suffered from mental health issues and was taking antidepressants.

An autopsy was performed on Thursday, July 9, 2020, and confirmed that he committed suicide. After the autopsy, Ajay’s body was handed over to his family.

Christina A. Kroll