Indian Hotel Company to deploy food trucks under the Qmin brand

Ten Months After Launching Gourmet Dining Platform Qmin, Indian Hotel Company Limited (IHCL) Deploys Qmin Food Truck As Part Of Plan To Develop Alternative Revenue Sources In Food And Beverage Segment .

“By bringing the Qmin experience closer to consumers, the brand will soon launch the Qmin Food Truck. The concept will first be launched in Mumbai, followed by other key cities. Serving communities such as major neighborhoods and business districts, the Qmin Food Truck will serve comfort food and delicious bite-size bites, ”said Jehangir H. Press, Qmin Commercial Director. Activity area.

The Qmin app was launched in July last year by IHCL during the lockdown with the aim of delivering food to signature Taj Group restaurants to homes. Since launching in Mumbai, Qmin has now expanded its presence to 14 cities.

“Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore recorded the strongest growth in orders and revenues. All kitchens are doing well and the introduction of new and exciting products and offerings, such as special party menus, has increased the frequency of use among customers, ”Press said.

Fine art of living grocery store

Qmin recently launched a gourmet lifestyle store concept – Qmin Shop at the President Hotel in Mumbai. With a variety of artisanal products, handpicked delicacies and a selection of coffees, Qmin Shop will soon be launching at other Taj Group hotels in key cities such as Bengaluru and Delhi. IHCL is also evaluating the opening of stores in key stand-alone locations in Mumbai.

“As disruptive as the Covid-19 has been for the hospitality industry, it has given us the opportunity to reinvent our business. With the launch of Qmin, we have been able to develop alternative sources of income in the F&B segment. -form is a growing vertical market for IHCL, ”Press added.

He said that at the moment Qmin’s revenue is incremental in nature, but will continue to be a significant part of IHCL’s revenue stream. “Since its inception, Qmin has grown steadily. With the brand’s expansion to several cities in India, the platform is a growing vertical market for IHCL, ”Press said.

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