Indian hospitality giant OYO partners with Scottish guesthouses | Hotel organizations launch legal action | Sunak support package

Hotel company OYO Hotels & Homes has added over 1,200 UK rooms to its portfolio, including across Scotland

The company said it has continued to sign new hotel partners across the UK throughout the lockdown.

Now in its second year in Scotland UK, OYO, which claims to be India’s largest hotel operator partner, said it has changed its proposal for new partners in response to the current pandemic, “offering transaction structures simplified and flexible and reduced costs to take into account current market challenges”.

New partners in Scotland include Cedar Villa Guest House in Inverness.

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“Now more than ever, independent hotel owners are looking for ways to reduce their fixed costs while maintaining consistent levels of customer service and experience,” said Paul McManus, Head of Sourcing at OYO UK & Europe. . “Many of the developments OYO has made to its proposal are the result of partner feedback and we are now offering what we believe will be a much more effective and attractive partnership during an undeniably trying time.”

OYO partners with small and medium-sized independent hotels to provide services such as technology, revenue management, customer service and branding.

He says taking responsibility for these areas eases the pressure on many hotel owners who are currently operating with limited resources, including leaner staff bases.

Coronavirus: Ad owners start legal battle

Five of Scotland’s hospitality industry bodies are to take legal action against the Scottish Government over restrictions they say targeted pubs ‘without any strong evidence’.

READ MORE: The Scottish Beer & Pub Association, Scottish Licensed Trade Association, UKHospitality (Scotland), Scottish Hospitality Group and Night Time Industries Association Scotland said they had been told by a legal expert that there was a case for judicial review.

Support promised by the Chancellor

Rishi Sunak has announced billions of pounds in extra help for businesses and workers after “deep economic uncertainty”.

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Christina A. Kroll