In THIS Indian village, people get a 0% loan to move abroad | Economy News

New Delhi: The foreign dream continues to attract millions of Indians. An interesting newspaper article sheds light on the story of a village in Gujarat, where the local community comes together to fulfill its inhabitants’ dream of emigrating abroad.

The local community creates a pool of funds for prospective immigrants so that money does not become an obstacle to their foreign dreams. A Times of India report said that the local community in Dolariya village lends money to people at zero percent interest and there is no EMI charge on the recipient to repay the money . Dolariya village is located in Vadodara district of Gujarat.

However, when people move abroad, they return double the amount they receive from the local community. This has been true for all the people who have obtained financial assistance from the local community to settle abroad. The TOI report added specific cases of people taking money in lakhs and returning double the amount to the village community.

The report comes at a time when readers were shocked to learn that four members of a Gujarati family froze to death in temperatures of minus 35 degrees on January 19 near the Canadian town of Emerson as they attempted to enter the United States illegally. The family belonged to Dingucha village in Kalol taluka of Gandhinagar district. Jagdish Patel allegedly paid Rs 70 lakhs to smugglers to help him cross from Canada to the United States.



Christina A. Kroll