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A Hyderabad hotel denied entry to oral artist Nupur Saraswat because it is not a policy to entertain single women.

Indian hotels want you to believe that they care about their guests. Which is great in that they make your bed and keep the room clean. But some hotels really care. They care about your moral well-being and will ensure that your sanskaars (moral values) are intact. To this end, they will not receive unmarried couples (although there is no law against this). Or they won’t let local residents register (again, there’s no law against it). This has led to the rise of companies like StayUncle and Oyo that have carved out a niche for themselves by allowing consenting adults to stay on their properties without asking too many questions.

One such thoughtful hotel is the Deccan Erragadda Hotel in Hyderabad. While it has the now almost standard policy of not allowing locals and unmarried couples, it also goes a step further and refuses to accept single women as well. Speech artist Nupur Saraswat found out the hard way, because when she showed up at the hotel with a confirmed online reservation, they were all too happy to turn her down.

Only Saraswat, who describes herself as “a liberal, environmentalist and opinionated party leader”, refused to bow. She called the hotel and the reservation site (Ibibo) on social media and questioned the policy and why it was not explained to her while she was making the reservation.

Saraswat was also amazed that the hotel was happy to leave her on the streets of a town where she presumably does not have a home (remember they implemented the non-locals rule) .

She further notes that she was lucky because she arrived in the morning and was able to find accommodation. She urged people to share her post for Ibibo to listen to. It worked because the post has over a thousand shares at the time of this article’s publication.

Saraswat also recounted the episode in a series of tweets on her Twitter account where she tagged Ibibo brand ambassador, Deepika Padukone, and asked the company why she asked for her gender if not to filter hotels like the Deccan Erragadda.

In another Facebook post, Saraswat said Ibibo gave him a verbal apology and said they were working on their policies to ensure this kind of incident did not happen again. They also offered him a free stay at another hotel.

This case is unfortunately another reminder that our country is not ready to embrace equality for women. When hotels are allowed to take on the role of defenders of our mores, it makes for a grim reading. Interestingly, Saraswat’s current oral performance is called Two Sanskari Girls. It is surely ironic when his sanskaars have been indirectly called into question. Maybe the hotel should listen to the song that shares its name in part with its politics and let the women do their “little thing” because they “don’t need permission.”

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