Hindu extremists violently storm 14 Christian homes in Indian village, brutally assaulting women and children

A mob of 50 radical Hindu nationalists brutally attacked a Christian community in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh on Saturday, seriously injuring nine Christians.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that three of the victims are in critical condition after the group broke into 14 Christian homes in the village of Metapal, located in the Dantewada district.

The radicals are said to have tried to make Metapal a village “without Christians”.

Christians, including women and children, were beaten with fists, wooden batons and other objects. The attack left several victims with fractures, dislocated joints and head injuries.

“Santu, a teenager, was taken by four people to hospital like a corpse,” Pastor Susheel Kumar, a survivor of the attack, told the ICC. “He suffered multiple fractures to his legs and hand.”

Locals say the crowd was led by four men named Joga, Lakhma, Magda and Sukka.

An incident report was documented to police against 15 members of the crowd, however, no arrests were made.

“There has been intense opposition in the village against people practicing Christianity,” said Pastor Kumar. “These Christians have been threatened several times in the past. Last year, three families fled the village after being attacked by right-wing groups. They never returned to the village.

Another Christian leader, who requested anonymity, told the ICC “this was not an isolated incident” and believers face relentless persecution.

“Christians statewide are facing intense pressure from militant religious groups. Christians are not free to exercise their faith on the same basis as Hindus,” the Christian said. “We want the government to treat us fairly and without bias.”

CBN News reported last month that a mob of 200 radical Hindu nationalists attacked worshipers at a church in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

The attackers began beating church members and vandalizing church property. At least three Christian women were seriously injured and were taken to hospital.

In July, Pastor Balwinder “Bagicha” Bhatti was found dead near a street in Ferozpur (Punjab). The Protestant pastor was ambushed, beaten and fatally wounded in the back of the head with a sharp weapon.

And in June, radical Hindus raided an educational facility belonging to the Grace Assembly of God Church in Faridabad. The attackers seized the property and placed a statue of a Hindu deity inside.

William Stark, ICC Regional Director for South Asia, said: “We here at International Christian Concern are very concerned about the attack on the Christian community in Metapal. must mean anything in India. Unfortunately, this attack is just one symptom of a larger problem in India.

Stark continued, “Religious intolerance and religiously motivated violence have become so normalized in India that we hear reports of multiple incidents every week. Strict measures must be taken against the perpetrators of this attack and stern statements must be made by Indian leaders to dispel any notion that a community could or should be cleansed from a particular religious community.

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Christina A. Kroll

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