GOOD NEWS: This Indian village managed to get 100pc vaccination


A remote hamlet in Bandipora District, Jammu and Kashmir, has become the first village in India to vaccinate its entire adult population against COVID-19, officials said on Tuesday.

Credit goes to the healthcare workers whose relentless efforts have propelled the hamlet of Weyan, with an adult population of 362, to national fame, they said.

“The village is located only 28 kilometers from the Bandipora district headquarters, but a distance of 18 kilometers has to be covered on foot as there is no motorable road,” said a health department official.

He said the task of vaccinating all residents was even more difficult as the village consists of nomadic families who travel to the heights to graze their cattle.

“There is no internet access in the village. So it was not possible for residents to get immunization appointments like residents of urban areas do,” Bashir Ahmed said. Khan, Chief Medical Officer of Bandipora, while explaining the difficulty faced by the Health workers.

Vaccination in the village has been covered by the “J&K model”, which is a 10-point strategy to immunize the entire eligible population at an accelerated rate.

Despite the initial reluctance to be vaccinated, Jammu and Kashmir achieved 70% vaccination in the 45 and over age group, nearly double the national average, the official said.

Commenting on the achievement, Yatish Yadav, media adviser to the government of Jammu and Kashmir, said Union territory is raising the bar in the Covid vaccination campaign.

“#JammuAndKashmirModel. And until now we thought Everest was the highest and most difficult peak in the Himalayas. But, some trips bring new light, new life. The J&K team sets the bar higher on immunization, ”he tweeted.

Christina A. Kroll

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