Fans slam Dean Elgar for criticizing Indian hotel and food

South African drummer Dean Elgar has aroused anger among fans on social media for comments made about “testing conditions” in India.

Speaking after the South Africa workout in Ranchi on Thursday, Elgar said: “You get to know a lot about yourself as a person when you come to smaller places where hotels maybe aren’t as well. good, and you are challenged on the food you potentially eat.

“It’s always a good learning curve to come to India. They are very wise in the streets and smart with the touring teams, ”he said.

Elgar’s comments were not well received by fans. Some have called him a “sore loser”. Some recalled that there was a water crisis in Johannesburg during the Indian team’s last tour – due to which Indian players were asked not to use the shower for more than two minutes.

During South Africa’s last tour of India, Elgar had said the pitches – especially in Pune – were not suitable for cricket.

Elgar was fired for a duck by Mohammed Chami in only its 2nd delivery on Sunday in the third test at Ranchi. WWith scores of 160, 2, 6, 48 in the previous two tests – Elgar has been one of the best players for the South African squad in the current series.

Christina A. Kroll

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