‘Every Indian House During Satyanarayan Puja’: Kylie Jenner’s Shoe Collection Got Twitter Addicted

What could become the next trend on Twitter is difficult to assess, however, the results are still hilarious nonetheless. The latest photo that caught desi Twitter’s attention is a wall image of reality TV star and model Kylie Jenner. A photo showing a wide variety of shoes reminded people of the good old days of people meeting at home.

Jenner, one of Instagram’s biggest fashionistas, recently posted a photo of her shoe collection, showing everything from the different types of stiletto heels to high-heeled pumps. Shoes ranging from neon yellow to pastel hues came from many big luxury brands and left followers in awe.

Captioning it simply as “props,” the 23-year-old celebrity shared the image earlier this month on Instagram and Twitter.

However, it caught the attention of desi people on the microblogging site quite recently. People started to share the image, claiming that the American model had organized a “satsang” or “Satyanarayan Katha” at her home.

The image also reminded people of the street stalls where such eccentric-looking “chappals” are displayed. Some also compared it to the scene outside a temple, while a few joked that it reminded them of the days when they had to leave their shoes outside the teacher’s home. .

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