Drone delivers 300 Covid vaccines to remote Indian village

MAHARASHTRA: The Palghar District Administration in Maharashtra, India conducted an experiment in which it used a drone to deliver doses of COVID-19 vaccine to a remote village on rugged terrain, its top said. responsible.

The recent successful experiment is possibly the first of its kind in the state, said district collector Dr Manik Gursal, who coordinated the trial.

As part of the exercise, a batch of 300 vaccines was transported from Jawhar to the village of Zaap.

The task, which would otherwise have taken over 40 minutes, was completed in just over nine minutes.

The vaccines have been delivered to the local public health center, the district administration said in a press release.

The distance between the two points is around 20 km, an official said. District health worker Dr Dayanand Suryavanshi said this may become possible with the help of private entities who have stepped forward to help.

“This will greatly contribute to the vaccination campaign as the doses can now be easily sent to the doors of the villagers, who have difficulty reaching the vaccination centers.

To a certain extent, it will also help to remove vaccine misconceptions from the minds of people, ”he said. (NDTV)

Christina A. Kroll