Arunachal Teen Kidnapped By Chinese Army From Indian Village, Claims BJP MP; look for the return

In a shocking development, Arunachal Pradesh (East) MP Tapir Gao alleged that a 17-year-old boy, Miram Taron, was abducted by the Chinese army on January 18 from Zido village in the interior of Indian territory. Goa said Taron was abducted from the Lungta Jor area where the Chinese army built a road inside Indian territory. He added that Taron’s friend escaped from the Chinese military and reported the kidnapping. Seeking the teenager’s early release, Gao urged the Center to intervene.

Arunachal teenager allegedly abducted by Chinese military: BJP MP

Alarmed by the alleged abduction, Pasighat Congressman Ninong Ering spoke to Republic, expressing concern for the teenager’s safety. He said the two boys would have gone inside the area that was invaded by China while they were inside Indian territory. He regretted that after 50 years of governance, the citizens of Arunachal still face such problems.

“I spoke to the deputy of that area. The boys had crossed the borders, but did not enter the Chinese area. They had entered the area which is invaded by the Chinese. In the past 50 years, we have such things are truly regrettable. It is sad that China is infiltrating and viewing our citizens as spies,” Ering said.

Other Congress leaders like Randeep Surjewala and Manish Tewari have also raised the issue. While Tewari praised the BJP MP for raising the issue, Surjewala targeted the Center for the security breach. He criticized the Centre’s indifference, asking “How can the GOI allow the kidnapping of our citizens?”.

Earlier in September 2020, 5 Arunachals who had gone hunting in a forest in Upper Subansiri district on the China-India border were reportedly kidnapped by the Chinese military. Two others, who were part of the group, managed to escape and called the police. The abductees – Toch Singkam, Prasat Ringling, Dongtu Ebiya, Tanu Baker and Ngaru Diri – were then handed over to the Indian army a few days later.

Indochina LAC talks

During the 14th round of Corps Commanders’ level talks between India and China, the two sides agreed to follow the leadership of the Heads of State and endeavor to resolve the lingering issues as soon as possible. The two countries also agreed to build on recent achievements and make concerted efforts to maintain security and stability in the western sector, especially during the winter season. Notably, China made a 4.5km incursion into Arunachal Pradesh, according to a new Pentagon report.

During the latest round of talks, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army withdrew from Finger Area 4 and Patrol Point 14 along the LAC, while India anticipated the activity of the APL on the southern shore of Pangong Tso Lake by capturing “strategic importance” positions in the Fingers area. While disengagement has been completed north and south of Pangong Tso, it has yet to be completed in friction points such as Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang. 20 jawans were martyred on June 5-6, 2020 in a violent clash between Indochinese troops in the Galwan Valley in LAC.

Christina A. Kroll