A judge awarded a 35-year-old man who had filed for bankruptcy $100,000 in school loan forgiveness


The context of the cancellation of student loans

Two weeks ago, news broke that a thirty-five-year-old man named Ryan Wolfson had achieved the almost impossible realization of being relieved of the burden of student debt worth one lakh. dollars, which was considered bankruptcy. While the Biden administration is not in favor of this relief being given to Ryan Wolfson.

Other important details of the case

On Wednesday, it was reported by a source that last week the Department of Justice filed a notice of appeal on behalf of Miguel Cardona, the education secretary for Mr Wolfson’s case.

Ryan Wolfson said he found a job after many struggles and struggled when he graduated from university in 2010, but after nine years, while working for ride-hailing services as a employed full time, he had a sudden attack of illness and confiscation and his car was so damaged that it was beyond repair.

According to the court judge, when Ryan Wolfson was only twelve years old, he was diagnosed with this type of epilepsy which was curable and was not likely to weaken Mr Wolfson.

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For the past ten years, Ryan Wolfson has taken medication and then switched to medical cannabis for safe, long-term medical treatment. The judge further mentioned that Ryan Wolfson provided proof of undue hardship, which is a crucial requirement to be met in order to be relieved of the bankruptcy charges.

Therefore, because of this, the entire student debt charge was removed and charged to Ryan Wolfson.

The judge further said that according to the evidence, Ryan Wolfson tried very hard to find a job, but most of the time he was either unemployed or underemployed since he passed out from his university.

Although his few jobs were full-time, their salaries were very less and the chances of progressing, advancing and growing were very close to zero. The only financial support that kept him from living in the worst situation of poverty was all because of his father.

The evidence also proves that Ryan Wolfson’s financial situation will not change or improve in the near future, which would make him unable to repay his student loan debt.

On Friday, Miguel Cardona appealed the decision which would leave Ryan Wolfson weighed down by the weight of student loan debt he is unable to pay.

student loan forgiveness

Vice President and Chief Student Defense Counsel, Mr. Dan Zibel opposed Miguel Cardona’s appeal and decision rather he was very upset after listening to what Miguel Cardona had said and what the Ministry of Education had decided.

Student Defense is the organization that supports borrowers and provides them with all kinds of protection when needed. Mr. Dan Zibel said the easing of student loan burdens has proven to be politically beneficial.

He is in favor of the decision taken by the court because it shows how badly student loan policies have been applied to students. Rather, he suggests that the Department for Education consider this decision primarily because it is the right approach.

student loan debt policies

In 2005, when Joe Biden was a senator and with that he was part of parliament and lawmakers, at the time he was supporting the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act that borrowers had to meet many requirements to get rid of their student loan debt through bankruptcy.

This bill was later signed into law due to which many borrowers had to face many problems to meet the stated requirements. Because of this bill and because of these requirements, Ryan Wolfson’s case was very important. In the judge’s opinion, the court was very strict and severe in the analysis of undue hardship.

Last year, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice announced that they would review bankruptcy policies. While if Joe Biden’s administration accepts the appeal decision, there’s likely a very slim chance that most student borrowers can win in court.

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While there is still a group of legislators who want these policies changed and the process renewed. In August 2021, Majority Senator Whip Dick Durbin and Texas Senator John Cornyn introduced a new Fresh Start Through Bankruptcy Act of 2021 policy, which would allow loan borrowers to obtain debt relief after ten years.

Additionally, in July 2021, Representatives Danny Devis, Steve Cohen, and Eric Swalwell introduced the Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act, which would treat private student loans the same as any other form of debt, while improving the bankruptcy relief proceedings.

Therefore, all kinds of loans, whether educational, residential or otherwise, all follow you like your shadow until you repay the entire amount and are relieved of it, otherwise it will continue to torture you mentally and completely destroy your peace.

Therefore, after keeping in mind all possible circumstances and consequences, the government and responsible institutions should relax the strictness of borrowing, repayment and loan relief policies so that people, especially students , can take out the loan with complete peace of mind, without stress or return. that too by following a calm and fluid process.


Christina A. Kroll